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Friday, December 08, 2006

Update on the Imams

The imams who were pulled off a US Airways flight in Minneapolis now have legal counsel. The say they are upset about many of the false reports and accusations regarding the incident floating around the right-wing controlled corporate media. Of course the right-wing theofascist pundits are apoplextic claiming the religious leaders are simply trying to "cash in" on "political correctness." Personally I hope the imams sue the hell out of US Airways (if they don't then the terrorists win!).

Over at Amy Goodman has an excellent piece called It's Bigotry That Should Be Silenced, which ran in yesterday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It's an outstanding commentary on the issue of the imams and other bigotry that's been shown toward American Muslims and those of us who do not tow the republican line.

What's next? Jailing Catholic nuns for wearing "disguises," or praying over "mystery beads?" Or locking up some Lutheran for reading from a bible while flying back to Nebraska? On the other hand I wish someone had locked up (anti-Catholic and gay-hater) State Senator and Congresswoman-elect Michele Bachmann for assaulting with prayer gay members of the legislature at their desks in an effort to turn them straight.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ok, so now it's colder

0 (that's a zero) degrees this morning. Why anyone, especially some early settler, would want to move here is beyond me.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The True Sickness that is Fox

The White House right-wing propaganda arm that calls itself Fox "news" once again displays the sickest part of America. This time right-wing extremist radio head Mark Williams unleashed a stream of venom and invective while appearing on the well know hate-speech program Hannity Colmes. Williams claimed that the imams who were thrown off a US Airways flight last month in Minneapolis, simply for praying, were "either terrorists..." or trying to cash in on "the politically correct lottery," by getting themselves thrown off the plane and then suing the airline. Of course, as any true right-wing pundit, Williams offered no evidence of either claim.

via Media Matters for America

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Update on our Dangerous Congressman

This time the news is not too good for national racist and xenophobic hate monger radio "host" Dennis Prager. Minnesota Monitor has a nice update on Prager's self-created controversy attacking Minnesota's new Congressman Keith Ellison. As you know by now Ellison, representing Minneapolis and a large part of Hennepin County, is a Muslim. His district also happens to have a significant Muslim population. When asked, the freshman congressman said he'd take his "oath of office" on a copy of the Koran. Prager, on his radio show, simply "went off," to put it nicely. He called Ellison all sorts of names and declared that taking the oath on the Koran was un-American and would lead to the end of "American civilization."

Now, several National Jewish organizations have weighed in against Prager. This is important because many Theofacsist commentators and pundits were supporting Prager, claiming that his Jewish background meant that his comments couldn't be construed as racist. Not so says the Anti-Defamation League and the Reform Movement's Religious Action Center: a bigot by any other name is still a bigot.

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