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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update on our Dangerous Congressman

This time the news is not too good for national racist and xenophobic hate monger radio "host" Dennis Prager. Minnesota Monitor has a nice update on Prager's self-created controversy attacking Minnesota's new Congressman Keith Ellison. As you know by now Ellison, representing Minneapolis and a large part of Hennepin County, is a Muslim. His district also happens to have a significant Muslim population. When asked, the freshman congressman said he'd take his "oath of office" on a copy of the Koran. Prager, on his radio show, simply "went off," to put it nicely. He called Ellison all sorts of names and declared that taking the oath on the Koran was un-American and would lead to the end of "American civilization."

Now, several National Jewish organizations have weighed in against Prager. This is important because many Theofacsist commentators and pundits were supporting Prager, claiming that his Jewish background meant that his comments couldn't be construed as racist. Not so says the Anti-Defamation League and the Reform Movement's Religious Action Center: a bigot by any other name is still a bigot.

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