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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More on the voting machine fraud in Florida's 13th

A voter lawsuit was filed today in Florida's 13th Congressional district where 18,000 missing votes in the race for the US House clearly indicate a breakdown in either the electronic voting machines or the electoral system.

As noted below, the missing 18,000 votes are the "under vote," supposedly those people who opted out of voting for either candidate. However, this number of votes represent some 13% of the total vote which is five times the normal number of under votes. The tally of paper absentee votes tracked with the normal under voting averages of two percent.

Today's lawsuit by four non-partisan voter action groups, Voter Action, Electronic Frontier Foundation, ACLU and People for the American Way (Florida), seeks a full investigation and new election in this district once represented by Republican Congresswoman Katerine Harris.

Currently Democrat Christine Jennings trails Republican Vern Buchanan by 363 votes. During the counting Jennings showed particularly strongly in the areas around Sarasota where the under voting is most evident.

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