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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Resisting Sarcasm

It's hard, harder than you may realize to resist the sarcasm that's so prevalent in left-leaning blogs. Information coming out of the Right Wing Noise Machine is always so pro-Bush/Pro-war-of-any-kind-by-W that it's an easy trap to become sarcastic whenever the real news isn't so good for the simian boy king.

For example: our right-wing controlled corporate media loves to go on about how wonderful Bush is how he is such a "popular" president. The reality of the numbers shows no such indication. He's been below 40 percent so long I can't remember a time when he wasn't and 50 percent is a long dead memory. Yet our conservative corporate media repeatedly announces a "bounce" in the polls whenever there's a micromovement of the numbers. Hence a shift from 36 to 37 percent become a major vindication of Bush's policy. But then the drop from 35 or 36 percent down to a frigid 33 or 31 percent? Well, it would be easy for me to tout yet another "Bush Bounce!!!" Yeah, well, sarcasm gets old quickly and it's really only for the too-cool-for-school kids at the back of the classroom. Most people don't "get it," the sarcasm or its intent, and it makes the left look all too smarmy and pleased with itself.

So let's just look at the facts: Bush's numbers after the election have taken yet another dive. Newsweek has him at a 31 percent approval rating and today's USA Today/Gallup Poll tag him at 33 percent. There's no good news for Bush or the right-wing. They lost big, their policies are a shambles, Bushes war is a total and complete disaster in both concept and execution. There is no positive side to the election for Bush and his pals, despite what "uber genius" Karl Rove claims.

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