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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Vote Supression

This is an amazing video from Colorado: this is the line to vote at one of the new "Voter Centers." Don't believe it? Well watch the whole video as the photographer walks down the entire line.

The idea here was to eliminate precincts and centralize voting, so the voter wouldn't have to worry about which precinct they were supposed to vote in (I've never met anyone who worried about that). But the idea was horribly put in place with far too few voting machines, many of which broke down. As a result of that and a long ballot, some voters waited 5 and 6 hours to vote. But wait they did. That's what worked this time: too many people wise to voter suppression tricks in too many areas, and while the tricks worked they were not effective enough to overcome the turnout.
Video for the Vote, via Georgia10 at DailyKos
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