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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And So It Starts

"Sheehan, others form group, rally for impeachment"

From Raw Story

You knew it had to come: People want it. This item on RawStory quotes numerous polls which show that between 51 and 86 percent of Americans favor impeaching George Bush and/or Dick Cheney under a variety of conditions. Speaker-of-the-House-to-be Nancy Pelosi said before the election that impeachment "was off the table," as far as she was concerned, clearing voter concerns that electing Democrats to take over Congress would lead to an immediate bloodbath in the Whitehouse. But it is neither Pelosi nor her compatriots in the newly elected Congress who are now calling for impeachment. Instead it is a coalition of citizen's groups who are seeking redress with the new Congress. The question is: how much or many in the new order will head the call for impeachment?

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