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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Be Proud Minnesota

Yesterday, Monday, six Muslim imams were forcibly removed from a flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix, and questioned from hours. A unnamed passenger "raised concerns" about the group and complained to a flight attendant. Police and airport security then asked the men to leave the plane and they refused. The group was then taken off the plane in handcuffs. Three of the imams stood and performed evening prayers on the plane.

So much for "tolerance." It says a lot of about white bread America's understanding of Islam and prayer.

Bigotry, hatred and fear: a winning strategy for the right-wing.
MSNBC via RawStory
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"A key Islamic rights group is demanding an immediate inquiry after six Muslim imams were removed from a US flight."

Now US Airways has refused a ticket to one of the Imams they yanked off one of their planes yesterday. Of course the imam had done nothing but pray and that was found offensive to other passengers. But the fact that the imams had found to have done nothing wrong (big 'duh' there) means nothing to the bigots and haters at US Airways. Now they won't let one of the same imams rebook his ticket to get home. Why? Because he was involved in a "security incident." Read more, it really stinks. Oh, and welcome to George Bush's America where bigotry, hatred and fear abound.
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