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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


On this, the day that commemorates one of the greatest failings in U.S. intelligence and political administration, I want to pause and offer a small comment to say "thank you," to The Greatest Generation. For people of my generation it was our fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles. They have now turned into grandfathers, grandmothers, great aunts and great uncles and now even great grandparents for those who followed after. Personally I don't think enough can ever be said in thanks to them for the sacrifices they made through the war years. No, I don't think that it was a "good war." No war, no matter how just it may seem at the time or viewed through the fog of history, is every good. But the vision, and the need was clearer. Thousands upon thousands responded to the need and stepped forward, many of them children, just like those dying in Iraq right now. Far too many of them fell, just as in Iraq right now. But they did what needed to be done, and for this we must say "Thank You."


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