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Monday, November 29, 2004


Atrios at Eschaton has an interesting bit on now racist radical clerics are still jumping on the "values," bandwagon supposedly launched during the 2004 elections. However, as noted in the NY Times article by Frank Rich the actual percentage of those citing "values," as their motivation for voting for Bush was only 22 percent. What's important to note is that number is down from the 2000 (35 percent) and 1996 elections (40 percent). To me that's a clear indication that "values" as a principle issue in voting is in decline. The less voters care about values the more they vote for Bush.

So why is it now that we get to hear racist right wing radical clerics like Dobson or Fallwell positioning themselves as leaders directing American voting trends? Because once again CorpMedia falls for it. "Values," it's a simple word they can stuff into a headline without explanation, or thought.


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